Date: 27th May 2016
The Activated Alumina Dechlorination Agent
If you are willing to wholesale quality,Website:, advanced and durable the activated alumina dechlorination agent from one of the famous China a-as-ls manufacturers, CHALCO is always at your service. The activated alumina dechlorination agent. As the operation of the arene Combination device in petrochemical industry, the trace compound will be generated such as Hydrogen chloride, sulfide and so on. They will cause serious corrosion on the production equipment. Activated alumina dechlorination sorbent has the excellent effect to remove the trace compound, protecting the production equipment against corrosion, and the purified gas and liquid can also reach the national standard. A-AS-04 dechlorination agent specification Al2O3 % SiO2 % Fe2O3% Na2O % LOI % breakthrough? chlorine? content% bulk density g/ml crushing strength N/Grain ?8 ?10 0.70-1.0 ?50