Date: 28th May 2016
Zeolite For Molecular Sieves
If you are willing to wholesale quality,Website:, advanced and durable zeolite for molecular sieves from one of the famous China z-4a-s manufacturers, CHALCO is always at your service. The Molecular Sieves is made by special process, with the characters of perfect crystallization, choice adsorption, deep dry, non-toxic and tasteless, good fluidity. It?s the raw material of 3A?5A molecular sieves. A, X-type zeolite is widely used in the drying, cleaning, separation and purification of gas, liquids and organics. Y-type zeolite is mainly used in petrochemical industry, as catalytic cracking and hydrogenation catalysts. A and X type molecular sieve Item unit 3A 4A 5A 13X Static Water Adsorption % ?25.5 ?26.5 ?27 ?32 density g/ml ?0.65 ?0.65 ?0.65 ?0.5 Carbon dioxide absorption % ?22.5 exchange % ?40 ?75 CL % ?0.1 ? 0.1 PH % ?11 ?11 ?11 ?11 Package moisture?550?? % ?22 ?22 ?22 ?22 Y-type molecular sieve Crystal?phase crystallinity?% SiO2/Al2O3 L.O.I?% Y ?89 ?5.2 ?27