Date: 28th May 2016
Zeolite For PVC Stabilizer
If you are willing to wholesale quality,Website:, advanced and durable zeolite for pvc stabilizer from one of the famous China pvc zeolite, chalco pvc zeolite, z-pvc manufacturers, CHALCO is always at your service. A type of crystalline substance Zeolite, free flowing powder, which can be added in the soft PVC and hard PVC as stabilizer mixture formulation. It can replace PVC products lead stabilizer, significantly enhance the thermal stability and anti tarnishing capability of PVC product. It can also replace part of zinc stearate stabilizers, improved the thermal stability, and reduced the cost of PVC heat stabilizer at the same time. Brand Z-4A Ca exchange capability ?295 (mg CaCO3/g) Ca exchange rate? (2 minutes) ?175 (mg CaCO3/g) (10 minutes) ?190(mg CaCO3/g) Particle size ?D50 2-4 um D10 ?1 um D90 ?10 um +325mesh?wet sieve? ?2% whiteness (W=Y10) ?96% PH (1% solution, 25 ?) ?11 LOI ?800?, 1h? ?22% Al3+ (Dry basis) ?18*